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Mzansi Attacks Ambitiouz Entertainment For Being A Controversial Record Label 

Blaq Diamond successfully obtained an interdict against Ambitiouz Entertainment and YouTube, preventing the deletion of their music from their channel Ambitiouz Entertainment accepted the court’s judgment and stated that they would respect the ruling while exploring options for an appeal.

The record label announced plans to raise copyright and ownership disputes regarding Blaq Diamond’s earlier music and hinted at the release of new unreleased music from the duo.

Ambitiouz Entertainment

Ambitiouz Entertainment has clapped back after a court’s judgment went public on 12 June detailing their legal loss to their former artist, Blaq Diamond.

Blaq Diamond has won their legal dispute against Ambitiouz. According to SowetanLIVE, Blaq Diamond successfully interdicted YouTube as well as Ambitiouz from deleting their music from the duo’s channel. The record label took to Twitter to address the ruling. Ambitiouz said they accepted the judgment and would be respecting the ruling while they look for ways to appeal.

blaq diamond

The label added they would be raising copyright and ownership disputes to music authored by the duo prior to the date stipulated by the judgment (15 June 2022). And that new unreleased music by Blaq Diamond would be coming out soon.

Ambitiuz tweeted: “Ama A-Lister ⚠️”

Mzansi dragged the contentious label, telling them to move on: @PromiseMabaso10 “Move on Kgosi you have artists that are waiting to be exploited by you like abo wave nabo manny Yack… anyway congratulations to my boys Blaq Diamond.”

@MmatlaleM said: You are a pain to every artist that gets involved with you, this time you met with your match.” @SimiseloF tweeted: “My only wish is for you not to have artists, not even a single one.”

@TichGXL tweeted: “Tweet and Delete in the middle of the night. You feel the ” @TheRealSyaZwide said: Just learn from this and take care of your artists. Don’t go to court with other ones, call them have a meeting, and settle. There is no need for all of this. Give your artists what they deserve.”

Ambitiouz Entertainment: controversial Recording Label accused of doing Danya Devs Dirty in the latest attack In a previous story, Briefly News reported on Ambitiouz doing Blaq Diamond’s Danya Devz dirty.

blaq diamond

In the ongoing dispute between record label Ambitiouz Entertainment and the popular musical duo Blaq Diamond, it appears that the label is now targeting Danya Devs, who is one-half of the duo. Ambitiouz, known for its contentious history with former artists, has according to ZAlebs, resorted to unfair tactics by releasing Danya Devs’ debut album ahead of schedule.

This move comes as part of a series of attacks aimed at undermining the rap duo’s reputation and success since their departure from the label.


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