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I’m not fighting with them – Shebeshxt explains why he’s violent in viral videos

Shebeshxt says he loves people he hits publicly. Shebeshxt, real name Lehlogonolo Chauke has trended for the wrong reasons since his rise to fame. The Limpopo-born star has been seen several times having an altercation in shows or at other public spaces.

Speaking on L-Tido’s podcast, the singer made it clear that he isn’t fighting those people. I’m not fighting with them. I hit them once just to show them that I am not fighting and to tell them to relax and not start with me,” he said.


“For them, it’s fun, for me it’s work. So when they try to provoke me at work it makes me think they want to make me lose work and go hungry. I don’t hate you. I love you, it’s just that you are under the influence, and I want you to wake up.


“If I was fighting with them then a big fight would’ve interrupted. The one hit I give them is just to wake them up. All the people I hit, I don’t hate them, I love them. They are my fans. When we are under the influence we behave differently. If I always had water, I would never hit them, I’d just throw them with water and get it over with.

Source: News365

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