Fat Joe Praises Rick Ross For Recent Car Show Hustle

Fat Joe has a knack for business, which is why he recognizes the genius of Rick Ross’s annual car show and the money it generates.

Fat Joe

Joey Crack took to Instagram Live to commend the Biggest Bawse on the success of his yearly event. He praised his fellow MC for taking control of his own finances by running the operation out of his own house and still making (what he believes is) millions of dollars.

“Rozay throws this car show and concert in his house,” Fat Joe began. “He found a way for the house to pay for itself. So he throws this concert every year that looks like a million people.”

Fat Joe

He added: “I’m so proud of him because he found a way to get rid of the middle man, throw an event at his own house that makes — to me, it looked like millions and millions of dollars.”

Fat Joe made it clear that even though he was impressed by the enormity of the event at Ross’ Promise Land estate in Georgia, the money is what stood out to him the most.

“I’m lookin’ at Rozay pull this off successfully,” he said. “He got Guwap [Gucci Mane] on there, he got Meek Mill — the whole world is there but all I’m really lookin’ at is the money. I’m countin’ his money.”

Fat Joe

He continued: “What does that mean to a guy like me, who’s into making money, who’s into getting the bag … What it means to me is he created something out of nothing that in his own house — he don’t gotta go nowhere — he makes millions of dollars once a year in his house.”

In May, the Terror Squad head honcho weighed in on Ross and DJ Envy’s ongoing beef, saying he’s not a fan of the direction it’s taking. The tension between the pair started earlier that month when the MMG boss took a swipe at the Breakfast Club co-host during his interview on Drink Champs, declaring he was “never on my level” when it comes to hosting car shows.

After light jabs were exchanged, things quickly became personal when Rick Ross dragged DJ Envy’s family into the feud, requesting he and his girlfriend and children clean his swimming pool. Fat Joe subsequently took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the matter.

Fat Joe

“Don’t like what’s going on with Rick Ross and DJ Envy,” Joe said. “Don’t like it. I love ’em both. Beautiful men in their own right, successful, do their thing. I don’t like where it’s going. I know I’ve had my share of beefing with people, but I don’t like it because they’re both beautiful, beautiful people.”


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