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Rick Ross Brags About How He Can Make An Album In Just 48 Hours



Rick Ross

Rick Ross wants people to know that he can put an entire album together in two days if a situation ever called for him to do so. Rozay was a guest on Amazon Music’s Twitch stream on Saturday (July 29), where he discussed some pivotal albums in his career.

Rick Ross

When asked to choose between his 2012 mixtape Rich Forever (which featured the Drake and French Montana-assisted “Stay Schemin”) or his 2010 EP Albert Anastasia, Ross picked the latter because of the tone it set for his skill level.

“Albert Anastasia most definitely had a significant purpose because that’s when dudes were just really understanding how I could play with my words and more importantly how easy it was for me,” he said. “You know, I’m one of them dudes – I could go in there and put an album together in 48 hours if need be. If that’s the play, we could do that.”

You can view the clip below.

In other Rick Ross news, the Florida native received an apology from Adrien Broner last week for making him wait “for hours” at his last fight.

The four-time division boxing champion took to Instagram to address a number of people in the entertainment and sports worlds who he feels he’s wronged in the past. A repentant Broner started off by apologizing to both JAY-Z and Meek Mill.

Rick Ross

“I wanna apologize to Jay-z for telling him to suck my dick for sending me a contract from @rocation,” he wrote, referencing the 2015 incident which he previously apologized for.

“I wanna apologize to @Meekmill,” he continued. “When we first met, it was awkward but I always fucked with u but I just didn’t think you really fucked with me as though that’s the only reason I gave ‘Shorty’ my attention, and ever since then you just really ain’t been rocking with me but I take that on the chin like a man bro I still support you 100%.”

Adrien Broner then apologized to fellow boxers Gervonta Davis and Diddy, before ultimately extending an olive branch to Rozay. None of the names mentioned have yet to reply to Broner’s apology as of this writing.

Rick Ross

“I wanna say sorry to @richforever cause at my last fight I told him to meet me there too early and he was just sitting there for hours so he left but I apologize, big bro,” he said.

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