Why Is Everyone Wearing These Cartoonish Red Boots?

Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF is known for releasing tongue-in-cheek collectibles that often spark controversy. The brand continues to create derisive designs that are sure to turn heads and raise eyebrows. So it was no surprise when MSCHF’s Big Red Boots went viral on social media when they made their debut last February.

Inspired by the classic Japanese television series and video game character “Astro Boy,” MSCHF’s Big Red Boots quickly gained notoriety due to their odd shape and cartoonishly large appearance. Launching with a $350 price tag via the MSCHF sneakers app, the Big Red Boots sold out in minutes and were eventually seen on the feet of several A-list stars and fashion influencers.

MSCHF described the Big Red Boots as “cartoon boots for a Cool 3D World.” The striking style certainly delivered on this promise of cartoonish surrealism as the boots look designed for the anatomy of an animated character.

Source: Vogue

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