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8 Effective Remedies to Reduce Heat Pimples Naturally

Summers are characterised by beaches, summer dresses, ice lollies and mangoes – such a wonderful time, eh? All of these little joys can temporarily make us forget the dreaded heat that comes with the season. However, ugly red spots that pop up on the nose or right in the middle of the forehead bring us back to the realities of summer.

It almost seems like pimples and acne choose summer time to attack us vigorously, be it on our faces or our body! However, if you are tired of touching up and hiding heat pimples and their scars, maybe it’s time to address the elephant in the room. Instead of tiptoeing around the pimples, give your skin some extra care to get rid of your woes, because they require special attention!

If you’re a victim of heat pimples, then you’re at the right place! We will tell you everything you need to know about these zits and how to reduce these heat pimples on the face naturally.
Heat pimples are slightly different from the regular zits you get. They are red boils that appear on your skin, especially during summers. As the name suggests, they are a result of your internal body heat. This internal body heat increases during summers as the temperature is already hot outside. Moreover, consuming mangoes in excess also contributes to increased body heat. These factors thus create a favorable environment for heat pimples.

When there is increased body heat, it tends to aggravate the overproduction of sebum. When sebaceous glands become overactive and produce more sebum, it leads to blockage of skin pores. Oil gets trapped in these pores, which leads to the formation of heat pimples.

Apart from these, heat pimples can also be caused due to a variety of reasons, such as a poor diet, wearing tight-fitting clothes, bacterial infection, weakened immune system, increased alcohol consumption and clogged sweat glands.

Heat pimples can be a menace and leave you with marks and scars on your face. However, not all is lost! There are some ways that you can reduce the occurrence of these pimples, and no, you do not have to spend a lot on multiple products. We will show you how you can reduce heat pimples naturally.

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