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5 insecurities women have that men don’t care about

Ladies, let’s start with a simple truth: you’re beautiful and your uniqueness, flaws, and insecurities are part of what makes you, you.  It’s high time you get secure in yourself because these men do not even notice most things we worry about. Those insecurities, in the grand scheme of things, aren’t worth a second thought from the guys.

Unfortunately, society has taught women to be insecure about their bodies and appearance. We are constantly bombarded with images of filtered celebrities, making us feel like we don’t measure up. Truth is, those images are unrealistic and unattainable.
Men don’t even care about the same things that women are insecure about. They are attracted to women who are confident and comfortable in their own skin. So, ladies, let go of your insecurities and embrace your imperfections.

Here are 5 insecurities that women have that men don’t notice
1. Your hair
Trust me when I say most guys cannot tell the difference between bone-straight and normal wigs. They don’t care. So while you’re comparing your hair to one of those girls on social media, your man can hardly tell the difference. Whether it’s natural hair, wigs, braids or even all-back, a great partner would love your hair just the way it is and in whatever style it’s done. They’re not there analysing every strand because they’re too busy enjoying your presence and admiring your beauty.

2. Makeup or no makeup
Men don’t care about the insecurities you have with your natural look. In fact, a survey carried out in 2022 showed that many men prefer women without makeup. So you don’t need to worry about how your face looks without makeup on. Men aren’t scrutinising that.

3. Body imperfections
We all have those moments when we worry about cellulite, stretch marks, or hip dips. Everyone knows stretch marks are normal and men don’t care about stretch marks either. A study by Dove found that 90% of women have stretch marks, and only 2% of men say that they find them unattractive. So guess what? A man who loves you doesn’t care about those body imperfections. He’s not dissecting your body inch by inch, critiquing your every flaw. You might just be surprised to find that many men have no idea what ‘hip dips’ even mean! So chin up sis.

4. Your weight
Weight is a major insecurity for many women. Everyone wants a flat tummy nowadays, and gym sessions are the current trend on social media. But the truth is, not everyone can have toned abs, and not everyone has the motivation for consistent workout sessions, so some of us are left to cope with our big tummies, which eventually becomes a huge insecurity.

A study by Glamour found that 70% of men prefer women to be a size 14 or larger. African men, specifically, like their women thick, so rock your big size with pride sis!

5. Flaws you notice, but they don’t
We all have imperfections that we’re hyper-aware of, but others hardly notice. Men are no different. That scar, crooked tooth, flat ass or even that big African nose you’re self-conscious about – trust me, they’re not scanning you for these flaws.

So, ladies, the next time you find yourself worrying about any of these insecurities, take a deep breath, remind yourself of your worth, and carry on with confidence.

Don’t pinch your big tummy or scrutinise your every flaw. You are beautiful, and the right person will see and cherish that beauty in all its glorious forms.

Source: The south african

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