Toosii Responds To Sexuality Insults

Toosii is not bothered by people questioning his sexuality since he’s confident in himself, but he wishes being called gay wasn’t used as an insult toward others.


Last week, the “Love Cycle” rapper sparked speculation about his sexuality after some pictures of his interesting choice of dress went viral. In a cowboy hat and colorful vest, Toosii was seen holding his son on his hip.

Trolls responded with homophobic-veiled comments as the image went viral. During a recent interview with Baller Alert, Toosii discussed the rumors, saying he’s mostly unconcerned but worried about his son seeing it.

“It doesn’t really bother me. I think the biggest thing that bothers me is when people play with me,” he said. “I would never let anybody play with me while my son is around … My son gotta get on the internet one of these days, and the internet is forever and he gotta see this.”


As a father, the rapper also wants his son to know that being gay is not an insult. “I don’t get no problem with the LGBTQ community,” he said. “At the end of the day, calling someone gay is not an insult. People try to use it as an insult but it’s people’s sexuality. So don’t try to throw it on a Black man to down him. That’s not gonna bring me down.”

Check out the clip below:

During the rest of the interview, Toosii discussed his thoughts on marriage, dropping out of high school, and more.

On the music side of things, a few weeks back, 21 Savage and Toosii leaked a snippet of an unreleased collaboration they did, which ended up being their “Pull Up” collaboration and landed on Toosii’s new album NAUJOUR.

In the clip, which was reposted to Toosii’s Instagram stories, Savage spits bar after bar with ease and confidence.


“I’m Mr. Get Out on Feet, 21/ He tried to run through the cut — boy, where are you goin’?/ Get hawked down the street, 21/ Glock with a switch, hit a n-gga with a left hook, right hook, Muhammad Ali,” he raps on the track.

Before the clip ends, he says: “On God, if you ain’t signing no major, you better off not even askin’ my fee/ Straight up/ That shit a couple hundred G’s, 21/ He a pussy cat like Garfield, stick make a n-gga do a cartwheel.”


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