YSL Mondo Says Gunna Has No Street Cred Left Despite Making Good Music

Gunna has been struggling to repair his reputation following accusations of betraying his YSL brethren during their high-profile court case, and the collective’s co-founder YSL Mondo now thinks it’s best he leaves rap behind.


In a recent Instagram Story post, Mondo didn’t hold anything back while addressing his former YSL partner-in-rhyme, which was presumably in reaction to the release of Gunna’s new project, A Gift & a Curse, which dropped on June 16.

Despite admiring the rapper for his skills, Mondo makes it clear none of that matters because he believes Gunna let the side down when he allegedly “folded” on Young Thug.

“I heard your album, lil buddy & like I always said, we can’t take the fact that you make good music away from you, but baby boy, you still folded on your man’s,” he wrote.


“I can’t take you seriously definitely can’t take you seriously rapping about street shit lol might as well go gospel, my boy, you done in the streets.”

In May last year, Young Thug was arrested with Gunna and 26 others on racketeering charges related to Young Slime Life, which prosecutors allege is a criminal street gang that claims affiliation with the Bloods.

In December, Gunna and his legal team entered an Alford plea where he pleaded guilty to one charge, as it was in his best interest to do so as far as his freedom is concerned.


As a result, Gunna was sentenced to five years, with one year served. The four-year sentence left was reportedly “suspended” so that the rapper could serve the remainder through community service.

Despite rumors that he snitched, Gunna made it clear in a statement around that time that he had not cooperated with anyone.

YSL Mondo isn’t the only person to share his perspective on the matter. Earlier this month, TMZ caught up with Boosie Badazz to ponder if he would ever collaborate with Gunna, and he quickly made it clear there was absolutely no chance.


In the Baton Rouge rapper’s opinion, no amount of money is good enough for him to work with Gunna, who he dubbed a “rat” — not even $ 1 billion. “I don’t wanna talk about a rat,” he said.

The rapper even took it a step further by jokingly lumping in the Atlanta rapper with New York’s notorious rat infestation. “We in New York City, I see about three Gunna’s right now. One just went under the sewer,” he said while directing the reporter in the sewer’s direction.

Last month, Lil Durk stopped by DJ Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast to discuss the high-profile trial involving the two Atlanta rappers.


Upon being asked about Gunna’s plea deal and subsequent release from prison, Durk made it clear that he believes Gunna’s luck came at a cost, and it was at the cost of his friends and business colleagues.


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