5 Celebrities With Slot Machines Inspired By Them

What does it mean to be famous today? Is it in the number of followers on Instagram? Or perhaps the number of people showing up to your concert in Brazil? All this, and then some. Celebrities are everywhere, from ads to social media – and some of them even made it into the world of online casinos.

Here are five famous faces (or, in some cases, masks) that are instantly recognizable no matter if you see them on a screen or an online casino. If you are curious about where you can play these games risk-free, check out the free signup bonus page at Casinos Bonus.


You may have never heard of Joel Thomas Zimmerman. Except you did, but not under this name – his on-stage persona Deadmau5 is much better known by him. The artist who once composed a tune about the Veldt was a big deal in the global trance scene, and toured the world – he even made it to South Africa last December.

The slot machine inspired by his music and on-stage visuals was released in 2020 by Eurostar Studios through Microgaming’s (now Games Global) network. It’s a must-play for Deadmau5 fans – and everyone enjoying quality trance music.

Ozzy Osbourne

It’s not hard to see why the Prince of Darkness himself has inspired a slot machine – his colourful persona is a perfect choice for such a game. Ozzy needs no introduction. The former Black Sabbath frontman and hard rock sensation once bit the head off a live bat on stage. And when he didn’t, he wrote hard rock history.

The slot machine inspired by his antics was released by Swedish developer NetEnt back in 2019. It has been one of their most beloved music slot machines ever since.

Alice Cooper

Another legendary figure of hard rock, another great music slot machine. This time, it comes from Play’n GO, a studio famous for its music slots. And a taste for rock.

The game was inspired by Alice Cooper’s 2021 “Tome of Madness” album, featuring both visuals and music from it. Born Vincent Damon Furnier, ‘The Godfather of Shock Rock’ has been a solo artist since the mid-1970s, shaping the tastes of generations.

André the Giant

Let’s move away from music for a while and get into the ring with a slot machine inspired by a professional wrestler and actor André René Roussimoff – better known as André the Giant. Often called “the Eighth Wonder of the World”, he stood out due to his stature – he was 224 centimetres tall and weighed over 230 kg.

André spent years in the ring, and a relatively brief time on the silver screen – but he made a lasting impression as Fezzik in “The Princess Bride”. And on the reels of a slot machine inspired by him.

Gordon Ramsay

Finally, here’s a celebrity who’s known either for his knife skills or for his foul mouth – celebrity chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay. Known for his many reality shows, he finally made it to the reels of a slot machine thanks to Swedish studio NetEnt. And the game is every bit as intense as one of his shows.

The game is based on the reality show “Hell’s Kitchen” where teams of chefs compete for Ramsay’s approval. As you might expect, its reels are filled with delicious food, kitchen utensils, and the chef himself. In its bonus game, the competing chefs have to impress the most rigorous judge there is – so fun is guaranteed.

Celebrities are everywhere, even on the reels of slot machines. These five games were inspired by famous faces from past and present who made a lasting impression on the world. And at your favourite online casino. Try them for fun, even if you’re not a fan.

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