Take these 9 foods to bed for a rocking sexperience

Want to live a healthy and vibrant life in the bedroom? If you choose the right foods, you’ll be well on your way to a long night of passion. A drop or decrease in sex drive is usually caused by changes in lifestyle, hormonal changes, resistance to stress or is a side effect of taking certain medication.

There are various foods like whipped cream, dark chocolate and ginger that increase your sex drive and foods play an important part in maintaining a healthy relationship. Not just during the act, but also during the foreplay, common foods in your kitchen come really handy and heighten the excitement.  These commonly available foods can be put to innovative uses in the bedroom!

1. Berries
Nothing is sexier in bedroom than berries. Berries not only taste good but can also increase the libido. They are rich in vitamins that increase desire.

2. Coconut oil
Using coconut oil for body massage increases circulation and blood flow in sex organs. It also helps do away with dryness down under.

3. Mangoes
Sweet, sensual, delicious and simple. Puree them and play with the creamy puree in all the ways you can imagine.

4. Chocolate pudding
Chocolate has been used as an aphrodisiac since ages. Take chocolate pudding to your bedroom and share some happy and intimate moments sampling it together.

5. Ice cube
Ice plays a vital role in stimulating the body and building up excitement. Use it in all ways you can imagine.

6. Alcohol
If you want to indulge in passionate sex, alcohol can provide some mad fun. Pour your favourite alcohol on her belly and lick it off.

7. Chocolate
Chocolates are considered as bedroom treats. Placing a piece of chocolate in your mouth or gliding it down her warm body will definitely make the night more interesting.

8. Avocado
Creamy, soft and delicious avocadoes are said to fuel-up desire in women.

9. Popsicle
Popsicles are sweet and cool and they can increase the excitement quotient in bedroom if used in innovative ways.

Source: eNCA

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