Scientists say a spoon of olive oil a day can save your life

If you want to live longer, you need to take at least a spoonful of olive oil. Olive oil is a type of liquid fat that is produced by pressing whole olives. In many churches, olive oil is used as a spiritual means of healing; it’s called anointing oil. It does have healing properties, though it’s not necessarily spiritual.

The benefits of a spoon of olive oil
The Mediterranean diet—a diet rich in olive oil—causes better brain health and lowers heart disease risk. You can replace vegetable oil with olive oil for a healthier life.

Researchers found that replacing margarine or mayonnaise with olive oil daily reduces the risk of dementia death by 8–14%, but this benefit was not observed when using other vegetable oils or butter.

A scientific study with over 92,000 participants showed that a spoonful of olive oil might be linked to a reduced risk of death from dementia, regardless of whether the person had a good or bad dieting habit. People who included at least half a tablespoon (seven grammes) of olive oil daily saw a 28% lower risk of death than those who didn’t regularly consume it.

According to the researchers, olive oil’s antioxidant qualities may have an impact on why it contributes to longevity. These components may pass the blood-brain barrier, thereby directly affecting the brain and cardiovascular health, respectively.

Source: Timesofindia

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