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Celebrities pursuit Sonia Mbele’s Son Abuse Scandal

Actress Sonia Mbele trended when news of her son allegedly abusing his ex-girlfriend became a trending topic. People added their different opinions, especially looking at Sonia’s past with Donell Mbele’s father.

In a statement, Sonia Mbele revealed that she has sent her son to rehab and would allow the law to take its course. She also showed support for Reokeditswe Makete, the girl who exposed Donell and came with receipts.

She was praised for her honesty, and openness in her views about this situation as some might take their children’s side.

Celebrities weighed in on the issue and questioned the boy’s upbringing.

Manaka Ranaka: “Did she just ask why!? Younglings, when an abusive man sees he is a danger to you or society and wants to let go, either to get help or just be away from what turns him into a monster, let him go. Allow him the space to go fix himself. Don’t ask why when you know he almost killed you.”

“There was a father at some point, and he failed dismally … it’s no longer about the absenteeism of daddies but about what they do in the presence of their kids! Sometimes the perfect family is a mom and her kids because of how toxic and abusive the father is … and vice versa! Can we start calling out the real problem? I can only imagine how this boy would’ve turned out if he was raised by both [a] battered mom and abusive dad under the same roof. Maybe there’d be no Sonia no more.”

Lehasa Moloi: “If we’re getting honest an abusive father isn’t a father at all so despite that man having contributed sperm, Sonia neither had a husband nor did this boy have a real example of what a man should be. I agree that toxicity isn’t something to live with, but the demise of the real family unit is to blame for most of society’s problems. And I don’t put that on the single mother. I was raised by one beautiful champion, I celebrate the single mother. In the presence of the real father, this wouldn’t happen.”

Zola Hashatsi: “These kids are not even 25 and already in toxic relationships. Is this a sign of how we [are] raising them or does the fact of coming from an abusive family play a part? Where did we go wrong, is it pure evilness? Meet Donell Mbele accused of abusing Reokeditswe. The world is too much with us.”

Speaking to Drum magazine, Sonia clarified that her son is already in rehab and that the incident happened at the beginning of the month, on November 4.

“This did not happen on Tuesday, it happened on 4 November, and I immediately sent my son to rehab the following day. So, by the time this became public, he was already away.”

“I did not mention names, I did not speak about my ex-husband. I would never do that to Lesley. I was talking about Donell’s father but people just assumed I was talking about Lesley. I met Lesley when I was 28 years old. What I am not going to do though, is sit down with people and go through the maths,” she added.


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