Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Concealer For Your Skin Tone

Whether you want to create a full glam look or a simple barely-there Make-Up look, concealer is an important step in applying your make-up.

The main reasons we use concealer is to cover up blemishes, dark rings and, in conjunction with your foundation, to help even out your complexion.

Concealer can also be used as a highlighter when contouring.

However, finding the perfect shade for your skin tone can often be tricky. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect shade for you.

1. Determine your skin tone

The first step to choosing the right concealer shade is to find out what your skin tone is. One of the ways to check this is to look at the colour of your veins on the inside of your wrist.

If your veins look blue or purple it’s an indication that you have a cool skin tone. If they appear green, you have a warm skin tone. However, if you’re unable to tell what colour they are, then you most likely have a neutral skin tone.

2. Consider your undertone

Once you know your skin tone, you need to establish what your undertone is. Undertones can be cool (pink or blue), warm (yellow or peach), or neutral. This will help you choose a concealer shade that complements your skin.

3. Test the concealer

When choosing a concealer, it’s important to test it on your skin. There’s more to a shade than dark, medium or light!

You can do this by swiping a small amount of concealer on your inner wrist or on your jawline and blend it out. The right shade should blend seamlessly into your skin without leaving any noticeable lines.

4. Test the concealer in natural light

It’s important to test your concealer in natural light, as artificial lighting you find inside stores can change the appearance of the shade.

If you cannot step outside, try and stand as close to a window as you can to see what the colour looks like in natural light.

5. Choose a shade that matches your foundation

If you wear foundation, it’s important to choose a concealer shade that’s as close to the foundation shade as possible.

Never go darker though. This will ensure that your make-up looks seamless and natural. If you’re using your concealer as a highlighter, go one shade lighter.


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