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Snoop Dogg Credits Martha Stewart And Master P For Inspiring His New Ice Cream Brand



Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has launched his own ice cream brand and he’s crediting Martha Stewart and Master P for helping him with the journey. Dr. Bombay is a spin-off from his Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT avatar that was born out of the West Coast rapper having the munchies and being fed up with mixing different brands of ice cream.Snoop Dogg

Snoop spoke to TMZ about his new venture and bringing the public further into his world in the form of ice cream.

“It was the fact that I was buying two or three different kinds of ice creams and mixing them up, mixing and matching,” he said. “And I was like, ‘You know what? Maybe I should make my own where I don’t have to buy two different brands and get the flavor that I’m looking for.’

“So it just came to me, let’s create something that’s tasteful and flavorful at the same time. And by me using my NFT by the way, I don’t know if you guys know or not, but this was created for my NFT Dr. Bombay, which was a Bored Ape.

“I took that and created many different ventures and businesses with it. But this was the one that felt like it could stick out the most because he’s a fan character and everybody loves ice cream.

Snoop Dogg

“[It was] most definitely [inspired by the munchies]. I draw my inspiration from me as a person and I like to share it with the world. And I believe that I become the love child – I think that people love when I give them those experiences that I truly enjoy and I share them with them and let them become a part of them.”

He added: “So I just feel like this is just another extension of Snoop Dogg, another piece of me that you get a chance to enjoy and love and cherish because it’s what I do. I love eating ice cream all during the day, night, no matter what time it is.”

Dr. Bombay ice cream is currently available at Walmart in seven different flavors: Tropical Sherbert Swizzle, Cocoa Cream Cookie Dream, Bonus Track Brownie, Syrupy Waffle Sundaze, S’More Vibes, Iced Out Orange Cream, and Rollin’ in the Dough.

According to the brand’s website, “Every flavor we’ve got will take you on a trip down memory lane and leave you feeling like you are experiencing a spoonful with Snoop. You’re gonna be constantly craving the next bite.”

Snoop Dogg went on to explain how Master P and Martha Stewart’s advice helped him build his business from the ground up.

“I’ll give two people credit for where I’m at right now,” he said. “Master P showed me the business, taught me how to brand, market, and do all the things that I’m doing right now. But Martha Stewart showed me how to take it to another level.

“She was always explaining to me about being in different department stores, having the cookbook, expanding my business, doing different things to diversify my portfolio and veritably integrate all of my businesses. So she showed me how to excel at what I’m doing.

“Master P put me through college, but I believe that Martha gave me that hands-on experience to be able to do things with her that were considered too big for a rapper. But once we got together, you saw that people love people, and that’s one thing about me and Martha’s relationship that I love is that it unites people from all walks of life.

Snoop Dogg

“Because they see two people that genuinely love each other, they care for each other, and that makes the world feel the same way that you can love somebody no matter where they’re from, what color they are, however, they were raised.”

He added: “It’s all about getting together and understanding who they are and finding things that you both enjoy and love.”

Source – HipHopDx

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