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Monica Jumps Into Crowd After Male Fan Punches Women At Her Show



Monica has shown she’s a real-life superwoman by coming to the rescue of a fan during a recent performance. On Saturday (July 22), the “So Gone” singer performed at Detroit’s Riverfront Music Festival, but things took an unexpected turn after she witnessed a woman in the crowd being assaulted by another concertgoer and felt “triggered.”

MonicaThe 42-year-old wasted little time springing into action as she called out the male culprit on stage before jumping into the crowd to confront him herself.

“Don’t you hit her like that!” Monica scolded the man, before urging security to kick him out. “Listen, if y’all don’t get that n-gga up outta here … Is you out your fucking mind?”

After squaring up to the offender, she continued giving him a tongue-lashing, saying: “You don’t hit no fucking lady like that! Fuck-ass n-gga.” While it’s unclear how Monica intended to take action once in the crowd, fans quickly rallied behind her in support of taking matters into her own hands.

“Period. Get his ass out of here! Get his ass out of here!” fellow attendees could be heard yelling.


Upon returning to the stage, a visibly upset Monica apologized to her fans for the minor setback, per the Detroit Metro Times.

“I want to apologize, y’all. That shit triggered me,” she told the crowd. “I seen him punch that lady in the face, I lost my fuckin’ temper. I apologize y’all. I apologize from the bottom of my heart.”

Watch the moment unfold below:

This is certainly not the first time Monica has been forced to halt a performance to calm the masses. Earlier this year, she briefly stopped a performance of her hit song “Why I Love You So Much” during a concert in Washington D.C. after two partygoers broke out into a fight in the audience.

“Wait a minute, stop, stop, stop. C’mon now, I’m singing a love song; I ain’t singing ‘Knuck If You Buck,’ baby!” Monica joked, referencing Crime Mob’s raucous 2004 hit.


“Calm the fuck, calm down…Calm down. You know what, baby? They fuck you up, baby? Me too. Join the club. Take it on out of here. Take it on out of here.”

Monica then dedicated her next song to the “young lady in the pink” before performing her 2003 track “So Gone.”

Meanwhile, on the music front, Monica sent Twitter into a tizzy last month following the release of her steamy “Letter” music video which co-starred The Game.

In the Richard Selvi-directed visual, both artists are seen getting up close and personal in various settings, including in a bubble bath where the Compton rapper gently holds and caresses the Southern singer.


Lyrics-wise, it appears Monica was singing about her former lover, Corey “C-Murder” Miller, who is currently serving a life sentence for the alleged 2002 murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas.

“Writing you this letter, tell my wish that you could hold me/ Penned you a letter ’cause with you I got no worries/ Things that you do, it always hit and make my soul shake/ I try not to but I often think/ Finally found my soulmate,” she sang on the slow-winding track.

Source – HipHopDx

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