Reasons why your partner doesn’t post you on social media

Have you ever thought of why your partner doesn’t post you on social media? Well since the emergence of the internet and social media platforms, intimate relationship has evolved into good, bad, and even worse scenarios.
There are so many flaws being detected in relationships since the internet and social media came into play in our daily lives.

One of the problems that are really affecting most relationships now, which we really think should not be a problem is the posting of pictures of your partner or your partner posting you on social media.

Some persons have actually benefitted from social media positively, while others have met their downfall as far relationships are concerned.

So different people have different reasons they do not wish to post their significant other online.

For people who get concerned and worry about why their partner doesn’t post them on social media, we have put together some reasons as to why it is so

1. Privacy

There are people who don’t really like posting personal details about themselves on social media, and their love lives are not exempted. So if you are in a relationship with such a person, you have to bear with him or her until when it is right for the relationship to be made public.

2. They are cheating

The is another obvious reason your partner has refused to post you on their social media. They do not want to be exposed by posting different partners’ pictures or get caught by one of their significant others. They like keeping it cool and enjoying themselves.

3. They are being protective

If your partner is plain protective then just so you know, this would be one of the reasons you would not be featured on their social media page because they feel like you would be stolen away from them.

4. They don’t use social media much

Most people’s partners don’t use social media much, they just go about their usual life. So it might not be anything serious just that they are not really interested in social media.

5. They are ashamed of you

Someone can post you on social media and still be cheating on you, But then once your partner is ashamed of you, they wouldn’t want to ever post your picture on their social media page.

6. Monitoring spirits

You would agree with us that there are people who don’t post anything on their social media pages. Rather they are always online viewing people’s posts, but that is all they are good at. If you are in a relationship with such a person then you have to adapt to their lifestyle.

7. They are unsure

Most people who don’t post about their significant other on social media are unsure of their relationships. They have not concluded if the person they are with is actually the right person for them. They are still taking their time to make a final decision before bringing their relationships to the public.

8. It is unnecessary

If your partner refuses to post you on social media and gives you an excuse saying that it is unnecessary then you should know that your partner is not interested in social media and doesn’t believe it is a big deal in the relationship.

9. Fear of public embarrassment upon breaking up

The major reason your partner might not want to post you on social media is the fear of being embarrassed just in case, the relationship doesn’t end up working out, and will have to delete the pictures soon after.

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