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Prince Kaybee Speaks About How Older Men Pressure Young Boys Into S*x

Prince Kaybee frowns at how young boys are being exposed to sexual behaviors.

Taking to Twitter, the DJ wrote: “One thing I don’t wish for young boys is being exposed to sexual behavior. Such a hindrance to the quality of their emotional and psychological development. Once that is compromised they are in hell and its the hardest task to get them back.”

Prince Kaybee

Kaybee shared his experience of how he got exposed to s*x at the age of 14 due to pressures from older men. The musician further spoke against older men pushing young boys to s*x.

“I had Sex for the first time at age 14 with a woman way older than me. The older gents motivated this, claiming I need to prove myself. Not one broer asked me what are my dreams and aspirations and encouraged me to focus on my talents or school, NOT ONE,” he wrote.

Prince Kaybee

“And this is the reality of most young boys today. I also wouldn’t be that harsh on the older guys for pressing this agenda because it was done to them and it’s all they know. Appalling beyond comprehension how the state of boy child development is at harm.”


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Robot Boii

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