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Ntsiki Mazwai Clapsback at Troll Calling Her Ugly

Ntsiki Mazwai Clapsback at Troll Calling Her Ugly. Ntsiki Mazwai Clapsback at Troll Calling Her Ugly! We don’t know what it is about Ntsiki Mazwai but it seems like her and the men of South Africa are just not cool with each other. Mazwai is at it again after being dragged by a troll after posting a video directed to the ladies who are the active breadwinners in the relationship instead of the man.

In the video posted on twitter, Ntsiki tells women to stop being desperate for a man that they go to the extremes of doing the ‘mans’ job. Ntsiki claims that she missed the memo where men are supposed to be the providers in the household.

“Ladies why are you so desperate to keep a man? Why is your man driving your car? why are you paying all the rent and the bond? like why ladies, like wow, you are being so desperate and I wanted to post and let you know nilahlile ladies” she said

A tweep responded to the video claiming that women who aren’t very attractive like Ntsiki have a big mouth and talk a lot of smack yet they will slide in his DMs and act needy.

“It’s the ugly ones like u who have a big mouth and say a lot of crap yet they will be in our DMS asking why haven’t I called,” said the tweep

Let’s just say Ntsiki did what Ntsiki does best and finished the conversation by serving a very spicy clapback.

“Are you good looking let’s start there??? Because I doubt your DMS are flooding babe” she wrote.


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