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Lady Zamar Advises Women To Raise Their Standards And Not Date Broken Men



Lady Zamar advises women to raise their standards high in other to avoid giving themselves to trashy men.

Lady Zamar

In a lengthy note shared on Twitter, the singer urged women to date the same way men do.

“Men date according to how they see themselves… this is why they hardly ever settle for just any woman who loves them no matter how sexy or beautiful.

however, women tend to settle and date lower than they see themselves, usually deciding to get married to men who love them and treat them well even though that man is below their standards in many important and significant ways.”

Lady Zamar

“Thus when a man cheats who is substandard it’s so much more insulting and hurtful and a lot of women will stay in such relationships because by being with that below-average man they tend to lose sight of their true sense of self, worth, and value, be it social or otherwise.

(weird thing is that women subconsciously start feeling like they look like their bf/husbands because of the sexual element of dating or marriage) my advice to women is to date and marry as men do… keep your standards high and don’t listen when people (other men vying for a chance with you) tell you that you’ll never find someone like that because trust me… you will! and as easily as they do.”

“Men don’t want women to find out that they can have very high standards and that some man out there will meet them. they want to keep women distracted so that they can be the only ones benefitting in relationships and be the only ones on the receiving end of goodness and satisfaction.

Lady Zamar

keeping women uninformed is a manipulation tactic that allows most men freedom of movement and choice in relationships.”

“When a woman raises her standards she stops giving trashy, broken men a chance to her body…this will exponentially lower the “her body count” our generation is obsessing over chat and these below-standard men will no longer have any leverage to lower a woman’s value in the dating and marriage arena by way of shaming women into lower their standards even more.

Vibrate higher queens and get the man of your dreams because he definitely exists!!!”

Lady Zamar

However, her words triggered lots of men who dragged her into the comment.


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