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Yanga Chief remembers AKA and Costa Titch

Yanga Chief remembers Kiernan AKA Forbes and Costa Titch weeks after their death. Forbes and Titch’s death is a hard pill for Chief to swallow. Taking to Instagram, Yanga shared videos of the two rappers and captioned them with a note detailing his thought.

Yanga chief

“Waking up to this reality on a daily basis is so heavy to bear. So many conversations I wish had gone differently. The arrogance to think “we still have time”. Will we ever get over ourselves sisaphila? I’m beyond grateful for what we created Forbes. Not just songs not just memories but we actually changed peoples lives,” he wrote.

“I’m not sure which direction I’m headed but everyday I ask myself what would you do in this situation and without fail I just do it. I will not let your legacy go to waste bro. I’m fighting everyday for the dream we both shared. You believed so much in me the least I can do is to believe in myself more. Forbes x Faku = play that shit again

Source: Fakazanews

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