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Gareth Cliff has been accused of insulting Muslim women



Gareth Cliff

Gareth Cliff’s comments about Naledi Pandor have upset many South Africans and, in particular, the Muslim community, who’ve accused him of being an “Islamophobe.” The shock jock found himself trending after he compared a picture of the Minister of International Relations – who wore a headscarf – to a “turd.

But while many have been left fuming, Gareth is unapologetic, even claiming he is unfazed by people with “emotional fragility. On social media, many South Africans expressed disgust with Gareth Cliff’s comments.

Vimlesh Rajbansi – the daughter of the late politician Amichand Rajbansi – called the radio personality’s description of Naledi Pandor as an attack on “all women who wear hijabs. The social activist detailed how and why Cliff’s comments were offensive. Let’s not water down Gareth Cliff’s insult of a woman dressed in a Hijab. Read his post again, can we assume that:

Gareth Cliff

1. He didnt compare Naledi Pandor to a turd. She very rarely wears a Hijab.

2. He compared her dressing up with her Hijab to dressing up as a turd for Halloween, and his words are very specific to what Naledi is dressed up/ dressed differently, and that is the Hijab.

3. Naledi is Muslim, and Gareth knows this.

4. By insulting Naledi, a Muslim woman dressed in a Hijab, his words imply that all Women wearing Hijabs are dressed up as turds?

4. By adding the words “for Halloween,” is he disguising his intention to compare a Muslim Woman dressed in a Hijab to a turd, and this is discrimination?

Gareth Cliff

4. Additionally, he is aware of Naledi’s & DIRCO’s support of the plight of the Palestinian people and the pain & suffering, specifically of the Palestinian Women who all dress in Hijab’s.

In a separate tweet, Vimlesh demanded an apology from Gareth Cliff.

She added: “Please demand a public apology from him. This is not an attack on Dr. Pandor. It’s an insult to all women who wear the hijab”.Meanwhile, Gareth Cliff has defended his comments after a heated social media backlash.

In an Instagram Story, he shared a message to his critics, posting: “People are very stupid.

“The ones who get upset when I say John Steenhuisen needs to lose weight if he wants votes are different from the ones who get upset when I call Joe Biden a cadaver . And those are different from the ones who get cross when I talk about Naledi Pandor—all hypocrites.

He continued: “To be clear, I don’t care if you’re upset or offended. Those are your problems to deal with. I’m not required to be polite or tiptoe around your emotional fragility. As 2024 rolls around, expect me to care even less”.

Gareth added that he had no issue in being called racist or Islamophobic. He continued: “And call me whatever you like. You don’t know what’s in my head. You can’t know. I’m very happy and very lucky to be me. I’m grateful for that and disinterested in what strangers might think of me”. In an Instagram Story, Gareth Gliff compared Naledi Pandor’s appearance to a bowel movement.

The former 5FM presenter posted a pic of the minister wearing a brown headscarf, which she wore during a media briefing in Tehran this week.

“When the best you can come up for Halloween is to dress up as a turd. Earlier this week, Pandor made headlines for announcing South Africa’s withdrawal of its diplomats from Israel amid the conflict in Palestine.

Source: The southafrican


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