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DJ Sbu reveals why Fired FM never came to life




Sbusiso “DJ Sbu” Leope speaks about why Fired FM was halted despite being teased to the public. In 2021, the DJ alongside Robert Marawa, DJ Fresh, Tbo Touch, and Gareth Cliff worked on the radio station which was set to be launched, but it’s all become a thing of the past.

Recently speaking, Sbu opened up on his interest to work with SABC despite being fired years ago; he also explained what happened to Fired FM.

DJ Sbu

“Before Robert took over the opportunity that he is on now, and all the different platforms, and before Touch took on the responsibility of doing the Afternoon Metro FM drive, we were all together with DJ Fresh on board for Fired FM and a lot of people were looking forward to that project,” he said.

Dj Sbu

“It almost happened, we all worked on it with the guys, we got in touch and sat down with some guys who have in the industry for quite some time who were interested to invest on the project, they’d come on board to own half of the project, we were going to own the other half. We almost kicked off Fired FM, for reasons that I cannot stipulate now. An opportunity for Robert to represent his country came, an opportunity for my brother Tbo Touch came.

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Sizwe Dhlomo

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