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DJ Sbu opens up about Mzekezeke

DJ Sbu is topping trends after he dropped a lifetime confession about Mzekezeke that left Mzansi shocked. The celebrated DJ opened up about his relationship with Mzekezeke. DJ Sbu made it known he was tired of being likened to Mzekezeke. The celebrated entrepreneur distanced himself from the drama as he fingered Ntando into the mix.

He shares a video of Ntando imitating Mzekezeke in an interview with Unathi. In the backdrop of the post, DJ Sbu again denied being the man behind the mask. The now-viral video has since opened a can of worms, confusing Mzansi.

DJ Sbu

In a now-viral video named ‘The Confession’ shared by @pmafrica, DJ Sbu fingered Ntando and two others rather than him. No doubt, over the years, South Africans have been trying to connect the dots on the muso’s whereabouts after he disappeared from the spotlight in the wake of his newfound fame.

DJ Sbu

He had his shot at fame in the early 2000s thanks to his smash hits. However, despite his newfound fame, little was known about the muso except his orange overalls and black mask. Over the years, Mzansi has been convinced that Mzekezeke is DJ Sbu.

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Vusi Nova

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