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Flvme Opens Up About Joining Ambitious Entertainment and Falling Out With A-Reece

The 24-year-old Rapper Flvme opened the podcast by taking a trip down memory lane and speaking on how he started off as part of the choir before he began battling other rappers on the streets as a teenager. It was only after he found his confidence a short while later that he started recording music.


Then, at the age of 16, he got in contact with Ambitiouz Entertainment. “I think I hit them up in 2015, around December,” he said. “It was New Year’s Eve. They replied to my email on New Year and then we just started chopping it up.”

The reply came from someone named King Mute, he added. “The reply was, ‘Yo are you sure you’re 16 years old?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, why are you asking?’”

Flvme recalled how when they first met, Mute played Flvme several unreleased records from the likes of Emtee and A-Reece, who were both newcomers at the label. “Crazy enough the reason I went to Ambitiouz was the cause of Reece.


“When I heard ‘Couldn’t’ I was like oh sh**. I was already a fan of everybody out there before that, but when I specifically heard him I was oh nah, I gotta go in there. I gotta tighten up and make a plan to go in there.”

“Also, because for me I couldn’t believe there was a young n**** on that level at the time, so it was inspirational for me. I was like I need to see this n**** and see how he operates.”

A few years later, Flvme, Reece, and several other acts left Ambitiouz and formed a group called The Wrecking Crew. Flvme spoke on how this unfolded and also how the group disbanded.


For the first time, he also opened up about a viral video that surfaced of him and Reece having a verbal altercation back in 2019. “That was actually the craziest heartbreak I ever felt in my entire life.”

“That was the first time I saw myself lose weight off of heartbreak, I wasn’t even trying to eat. “I was even getting too high at the time for my own good, just to numb myself from even feeling or thinking about this shit.”

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Source – IOL

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