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You wanted me to s*x work,” Cyan Boujee spills the tea about her ex manager



Cyan Boujee

Cyan Boujee digs out her former manager Wellington’s atrocities following their bad separation. The DJ made headlines and trended on social media for assaulting her manager; it was also revealed that he opened a case of assault against her.Cyan utilised her social media account to spill the tea, proving that the man who is 40 years older than her isn’t a saint.

Cyan Boujee

She revealed his dubious personality; saying that the manager doesn’t pay her after receiving booking fee.

Cyan Boujee

“If someone is so innocent I genuinely don’t get why he’s exposing my passports, where my team members stay and my stuff. If he’s not pressed that he’s fired, why isn’t he talking about business rather? Why can’t you keep it professional? I’ve been quiet y’all … choosing peace over someone who’s 40 years older than me,” she wrote.

“I wish the red flag weren’t orange to me. From the day you started working with me, you were always pushing that I do better than the famous female DJ you’ve worked with before me to prove a point, not because you were genuine … forgot to add that you also said she beat you up, that’s why y’all separated?”


Cyan Boujee slammed her ex-manager’s claim of her being broke and further dug out some of his dirt by sharing screenshot of their WhatsApp chat. The 22-year-old said she was irked by offering her deals to be a s*x worker to older men.

Cyan Boujee


“Oh no one last thing. i want y’all to explain the next screenshot, a manager literally forcing his client to be with older men just to cover transportations .. I would always refuse but he would never stop.
hence the same boyfriend you’re talking about HATED YOU and he still does. Whenever we travel with him, you would stay cause you wanted me to sex work,” she wrote.

Source: News365


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