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Cyan Boujee attacks her manager, opens case of assault against her



Cyan Boujee

Cyan Boujee attacks her manager at a resort in Nelspruit. A fight broke out between the two which left the manager dizzy after being punched by the DJ. He opened a case of assault against her; video clips detailing the incident has surfaced on social media and gained Cyan more critics.

Cyan Boujee

“On the clip seen by Maphepha Ndaba, Cyan is heard saying, “you are nothing, you don’t even have a car” before she unleashed several hard punches that knocked her manager flat down to the floor.

Cyan Boujee

Those close to the two told Maphepha Ndaba, the manager fainted for few seconds, seeing stars as he was dizzy and trying to find balance. After gaining balance, the manager woke up and ran to the police station to open a case of assault. It is also alleged that the manager is now fearing for his life.

Source: News365


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