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Till the wheel comes come off,” Anele Mdoda to Sizwe Dhlomo



Anele Mdoda

Anele Mdoda celebrates her relationship with Sizwe Dhlomo. The South African celebrities met at the Grammys Awards, which was held at the Staples Center, on Sunday night. Sizwe and Anele who have been friends for years met at the prestigious awards; their third friend, Trevor Noah was the host of the awards.

Anele Mdoda and Sizwe Dhlomo

Taking to her Twitter account, Mdoda shared a photo of herself with Sizwe and captioned it with, “Till the wheels come off. The post raised brows as people have been curious about their love life. Some netizens presumed Sizwe Dhlomo is Anele’s baby daddy, however, the two are yet to make any official statement about the status of their relationship.

Anele Mdoda and Sizwe Dhlomo

“This is what friendships look like. All the way from SA to support Trev for the Grammys.. No friendship love better than this.

Source: News365


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