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Zandie Khumalo Responds to People Cancelling Her

Zandie Khumalo reacts after being canceled alongside her sister, Kelly Khumalo. Zandie Khumalo reacts to the cancel culture by her and Kelly Khumalo. Kelly has been canceled after a new update revealing that she was linked to the killing of her late ex-lover, Senzo Meyiwa by contacting one of the accused before the death of the soccer star.

Zandie Khumalo

The mother-of-three has been evicted from performing at two festivals as people called out gigs to exclude her from their lineups. Zandie got irked by the cancel culture after a Twitter user urged DStv to exclude her and her sister from being aired.

“Dear Multichoice (DSTV), please stop showing us Kelly Khumalo and Zandi on TV. We need to sign a petition,” reads the tweet.

Taking to Instagram, Zandie slammed the tweet and every other person who wants her canceled. However, she said, she won’t be talking on behalf of her sister, Kelly.

“No I thought you were still talking about a sister but you are including me, you see I want it to be in your minds I DON’T CARE shame this cancel culture of these social media maize meals………… I decided to do music because I have passion for it and I could and If I want I can stop doing it tomorrow without stress and there is no force that will cancel me, those who are leading the way that we are canceled, they have never supported us but we are alive without them,” she wrote.

Zandie Khumalo

Zandie expresses her love for music and said no hate can stop her.

“I love music and I could even do it for free if I want I won’t speak for Kelly but you see no shame you can do your worst it doesn’t irritate me I DON’T CARE shame what you should know is that I am not yours I belong to Jehovah and you will never do anything to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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The Lesotho government blatantly turned away South African dancer and entertainer Zodwa Wabantu from entering the country. In a letter signed on Wednesday, 2 August, the controversial performer was denied a permit due to her indecent style of dressing.

Zodwa Wabantu

A letter from Minister Lebona Lephema from the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftainship, Home Affairs & Police department clearly states that Zodwa Wabantu who was invited to the country to perform will not be allowed to pass the Lesotho border and attend her gig for reasons pertaining to her controversial and “indecent” fashion choices. Read more

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Well-known reality TV star and s.e.x worker Wandi Ndlovu had her haters speechless and her fans cheering for her after she announced that she had moved into her new home, after her shocking appearance on Podcast & Chill.

Wandi Ndlovu

According to True Love, in 2022, at just 22 years old, Wandi Ndlovu shared that she joined the s.e.x industry during her first year of varsity. Read more

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