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Zahara’s guitar and awards delivered to her family

Bulelwa “Zahara” Mkuthukana’s guitar and awards have been delivered to her family by actress Lusanda Mbane. The actress drove from Johannesburg to Phumlani to visit the family and she also went with the late star’s achievements. Mbane was among the few celebrities that visited Zahara in the hospital before passing away on the 11th of December.

“When she went into hospital I was in communication with everyone around her. It was a very unsettling, very emotional time because I did not know what to expect,” she said. Describing her relationship with the late star, Lusanda says she’s like a big sister to the singer. My journey was that of a big sister and that was the relationship.


“I was there for her when she needed me as a big sister, and I was there when we had fun as well but that didn’t always end well because the big sister in me would always come out and Bulelwa was very stubborn.” The actress opened up about their bond and how much the late singer loved her.

“She knew she had to have limits. She knew if I was around she had to have limits with how she spoke and conducted herself and she would give me that respect as a big sister. If she found herself in any corner, she would call me and I would be there for her.


“It wouldn’t matter if we fought the previous day, we discussed everything. There were no boundaries. She loved me so much that she almost wanted to give me her all.

“The light moments were when we would sit on her patio and talk about life. She would cook lunch and supper for me, and she would sing for me.

Source: News365

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