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Thembi Seete speaks about her role in Adulting season 2



Thembi Seete

Thembi Seete joins season 2 of Showmax’s hit drama series Adulting. The actress will be playing the role of Portia, a middle-aged, rich housewife who is at her sexual peak.Speaking about her role, Thembi said, “Portia is a housewife, who has a home and a family that she loves very much. But as we know, as women, being spoiled is not enough. You still want care, love and someone to come back home to you and say, ‘I missed you’. That’s the part that’s lacking in her life. Her husband gets into a whole lot of things, and does no good.

Thembi Seete

“This gets to a point where Portia feels like ‘I’m a woman and I also have needs.’ And this is when she decides, ‘I’m gonna take control of my life, my happiness and my needs.’ She goes out there to look for what’s missing in her life and she gets it. The best thing is, she’s paying for it and enjoying it at the same time.”

The award-winning star further revealed that she accepted the role because she wanted to surprise herself.

Thembi Seete

“You sort of want to stretch yourself a bit and kind of surprise yourself. I love the element of surprising myself and not being too comfortable in the things that I do. I know a lot of people will be like, ‘Thembi seems like she’s very strict with herself and she’s a good role model.’ But, why are we so scared to talk about sex? Why are we scared to talk about intimacy?” The season 2 premieres on Showmax on 4 December, with new episodes every Monday

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