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RHODurban Star Sane Bhengu Leaks Proof Of Annie Mthembu’s Husband Cheating



It would seem that the drama between The Real Housewives of Durban season three’s housewives will continue long after the conclusion of the latest season. Specifically, the beef between original housewife Annie Mthembu and new incomer Sane Bhengu.

During the part-two reunion, Annie revealed that part of the reason she cannot fully forgive Sane was due to her other antics outside of the show. Specifically, accusing her of sleeping her way to the top by referencing how her relationship with her now-husband Kgolo “DaGuru” Mthembu stemmed from her being his personal assistant at first.

Sane Bhengu

Sane had allegedly continued her attack even after the events of the show. This is as Annie accused Sane of perpetuating the narrative that DaGuru was still unfaithful to Annie, and was expecting a child outside of his marriage. Claims that Annie denied at the time.

However, it seems that Sane had receipts and has used them allegedly. RHODurban’s Sane leaks proof of Annie’s husband cheating?

Sane Bhengu

Annie during The Real Housewives of Durban season three reunion’s part-two has asserted that if Sane continued to launch social media and public attacks against her husband, she will need to resort to the legal system to address it.

Now it seems that Annie might just have to do that. This comes as it is believed that there is proof that DaGuru might not be as faithful as Annie might have suggested during the reunion.

Sane Bhengu

This comes as Annie during the reunion, did rubbish the claims of DaGuru expecting a child outside of their marriage. However, in terms of whether he was faithful, Annie had merely asserted that they were happier than they have been in a while.

As such, it does not mean that DaGuru does not still step out on Annie. A case in point is an online gossip page taking to its timeline to thank Sane. This is as the page suggests that it has proof that DaGuru does have a mistress or side as Sane had suggested.

However, upon the matter landing on Twitter, the comments section was filled with Annie supporters who seemed to assert that Annie never shied away from the fact that as a “Zulu man,” DaGuru could cheat. What she did rubbish was the matter that he was expecting a child outside of their marriage…


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