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Sonia Mbele’s son Donell in rehab

After being a trending topic on social media and releasing a statement about abuse allegations levelled against her son, Donell Sedibe, for abusing his now ex-girlfriend Reokeditswe Makete, Sonia Mbele confirmed that her son is in rehab.

In an exclusive interview with Drum, Sonia confirmed that she had sent her son to rehab and stated that she was surprised when she found out about the abuse.

“I did not see this coming. They have been together for a while, and they were so close and in love. Immediately when this happened, I sat them both down and I decided to send my son away to get help.

“I realised that if he is anything like his father, he is going to need help immediately. His father was abusive, but I stayed for nine years because I was in love, I wanted to build, and I thought things would change.

“I am frustrated.

“I’m frustrated because I want to do right by my son, I want to do right by her, and I want to do right by society, but I realise that I am not an octopus,” Sonia was quoted as saying

Sonia’s quick release of the statement is evidence of how quickly she wanted to confront the issue. In the interview, she reportedly said she, with age, “learnt that running away does not help. Instead, it prolongs things. It is better to face the music”.

“For me, this is family and not just a trending topic on social media,” she added.

In the statement she released, she emphasised the relationship she had with Reokeditswe, treating her like a daughter and supporting her career. Sonia reiterated this in the interview.

“Like I said, she is studying at AFDA and I said would mentor and groom her in the industry because I really care about her,” she was quoted as saying.

Makete took to Instagram to upload photos of the injuries received from Donell’s alleged abuse.

She further alleged that Donelle was logged into her Instagram account and deleted her posts in which she shares the injuries she sustained.

Source – African Insider

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