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Sneziey Msomi opens up on motherhood after 3 months

Sneziey Msomi reflects on her past 3 months of motherhood. The singer shares her experience in a post on her Instagram account, where she talks about the difficulties and how she overcame them. The past three months were tricky but mostly beautiful. I’ve learnt and I’m still learning so much. I’ve broken so many ‘parenting rules’ but mostly my baby has given me a beautiful perspective of how love could really be and I’ve realised a lot about myself,” she wrote.

Sneziey Msomi

“I’ve had my fair share of Buscopan nights. I’d cry with her because I felt so helpless. I can’t believe I’ve navigated through the most hectic first three months of motherhood perfectly with a colicky baby. We’ve had high jaundice but like the soldiers that we are, we conquered,” she wrote.


Sneziey celebrates her daughter who is 3-months old and wished her well. May the Lord continue to give me wisdom,strength and guidance as I navigate leEramama loves you so much.”

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