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Simz Ngema Appreciates everyone for being supportive

In a recent Instagram Story, the former “Muvhango” actress Simz Ngema thanked those who had reached out to her to show her support, during the social media whirlwind she has been in.

“Thank you to everyone who has been supportive during this time. I’ve read your messages, your DMS, your WhatsApp,” she wrote.

Earlier this week, Ngema posted on Instagram, a statement in which she admitted to visiting Bester in jail because he owed her money. Shortly after she deleted the statement from her verified account.

“Thabo Bester was working in the entertainment industry and introduced himself as TK Motsepe, and that’s how we made contact. He seemed well connected and was able to organize meetings and big events, which I and many other public figures were booked for,” said Ngema.

Simz Ngema

“In 2018 I went to the prison to demand answers, it was a difficult time in my life and he owed me money,” she added.

Ngema’s post opened her up to public scrutiny, with many people sharing their thoughts online. Some questioned her knowing she knew Bester was operating from prison and her reasoning behind her statement.

@Kim_Khandashisa said: “Simphiwe Ngema is digging herself a massive grave. Because if the person who scammed you was in New York (by your own admission), how did you end up in a South African prison demanding answers?”

Simz Ngema


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