House of Zwide actress Shalate Sekhabi’s cooking skills impresses Mzansi – VIDEO

House of Zwide actress Shalate Sekhabi ‘Shoki’ impresses Mzansi with her cooking skills. Shalate Sekhabi has been doing the most with her role as Shoki on House of Zwide as she found herself in a relationship with a guy with a psychotic expecting baby mama.

Shoki’s first try at a relationship with Nkosi Zwide ended with him cheating on her. When she finally agrees to forgive him and give him a second chance, the girl he cheated with comes back into their life pregnant.

Nkosi’s parents believe that Nkosi should be involved in his child’s life as a hands-on dad. He finally agrees with them after a long battle. However, this gives Mampho the chance to try and ruin his relationship with Shoki. Her goal is that she will have Nkosi all to herself. Currently, Shoki is fighting with a sneaky Mampho who fakes being friendly, so no one suspects anything.

However, when she is off-screen, Shalate Sekhabi is a whole different person and has no relationship trouble like her character. She likes posting videos and pictures of what she is up to. Sekhabi shares bits and pieces of what she does when she is not in front of the camera. The actress posted a video of herself cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and Mzansi is impressed by her kitchen skills.

Shalate Sekhabi shared a video while making a dish of creamed pasta with chicken and greens, and the dish is appetising to look at.

As if that is not enough, her co-star and friend Nefisa Mkhabela, who plays Onalerona, gave her a shout out on Instagram for the Cappuccino brownies baked by Shalate. It looks like the entertainer is not only a talented actress and musician but also a cook.

Source – SavannaNews

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