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Serge ‘The International Blesser’ blows over R100k on alcohol

Serge ‘The International Blesser’ has made headlines once again by spending over R100,000 on alcohol. Known for his lavish lifestyle and extravagant spending habits, Serge’s recent splurge has caught the attention of many.

His nickname, ‘The International Blesser,’ comes from his reputation for spending large amounts of money on luxurious items and experiences, often in the company of celebrities and influencers. This latest expenditure reinforces his image of opulence and excess.

Serge ‘The International Blesser

While some admire Serge’s generosity and ability to live a high-rolling lifestyle, others may view such spending as excessive, especially in light of economic challenges faced by many. Regardless, his actions continue to fuel public interest and discussion about wealth and spending behaviors.

Serge, ‘The International Blesser’, has managed to keep his private life under wraps lately, but it seems he can’t keep his spending sprees away from the public. The Angolian-born business mogul is no doubt topping trends after it was revealed that he spent over R100 000 at Tempo Club, Rivonia

In other news – Somizi breaks an ankle while on vacation in Ibiza

Somizi Mhlongo, the renowned South African media personality, broke his ankle while in Ibiza. Known for his vibrant lifestyle and energetic presence, Somizi’s injury is unfortunate, especially given his active and busy schedule.


Somizi was likely in Ibiza for leisure or professional engagements when the incident occurred. Breaking an ankle can be quite painful and typically requires a period of rest and rehabilitation. Despite the setback, Somizi’s resilient spirit and positive outlook are sure to help him through his recovery process. Read more

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