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Rubi Rose Blesses Her Father With $10K For Father’s Day



Rubi Rose

Rubi Rose has had a swift and steady come up; so she never shies away from flaunting her wealth — especially when it comes to her family.

Rubi Rose

In a series of Father’s Day Instagram stories posted on Sunday (June 18), the rapper can be seen spending time with her dad, John Benton. She also included a few solo shots of him wearing a PornHub sweater that she most likely gifted to him.

“Happy Father’s Day to my papa,” Rose captioned an image of her next to her dad when she was younger. In a subsequent story, Benton can be seen taking a hit from a smoking device.

Under the video clip, she wrote: “The person who taught me not to give a fuck and do whatever tf I want.”

Rubi Rose

Though most of these are normal posts for Father’s Day, the final story on her Instagram profile is a screenshot of her sending her dad $10,000. The transfer is labeled “Something light!”

Though she seems to be doing great financially, Rose was recently hit with a civil suit from a Los Angeles-based artist who claims that the raunchy rapper damaged some expensive pieces of artwork while filming her “Twork” video.

Court documents obtained by TMZ reveal that Argentina-born Analia Saban is suing Rose, her videographers, and her label for the damage.

Rubi Rose

Saban claimed that Rose turned on a high-pressure fire hose during her video shoot, and the spraying water caused irreparable damage to the sculptures.

Saban is suing Rubi Rose and her crew for more than $300,000. For what it’s worth, Saban’s artwork usually retails for about $3500 and up, according to her website.

Rubi Rose may be better known for her ability to get people talking than for her lyrical prowess, she also seems to relish in the attention the controversy brings her. Back in August, she found herself in a crossfire of controversy when she proclaimed that non-Black people can say the N-word without reprisal.

Rubi Rose

The Atlanta rapper appeared on Adin Ross’ Twitch channel, where she mistook the popular streamer for a light-skinned Black man. When Ross clarified he was white, he then began to ask Rose if that meant he could use the n-word.

“I’m personally OK with anybody saying it, as long as their intent isn’t to be rude,” Rubi said alongside several other Black men in the group stream.

“Because I’m sure, Adin, you love Black people. You have a lot of Black people on your channel, you love Black music, probably.”

Rubi Rose

She continued: “So, as long as the person isn’t saying it with malicious intent, personally, ’cause I have like Mexican homegirls and white homegirls who be saying it, I don’t care about other people. We’re friends and they are cool with it.”


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