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I love the finer things in life’: Robbie Malinga Jr on ‘Born Into Fame

Robbie Malinga Jr. candidly shares his love for luxury on the reality show “Born Into Fame.” He expresses his appreciation for high-end fashion, luxury cars, and exclusive experiences, attributing his taste for the finer things in life to his upbringing. The show provides a glimpse into his opulent lifestyle and how he navigates the pressures and expectations of living up to his late father’s legacy in the entertainment industry.

Robbie Malinga Jr

Malinga Jr opened up about being born into fame, describing it as a privilege because it is not a norm. The social media influencer said he acknowledges that it is a blessing and it is something that can help you spread light and reach your full potential.

On the privileges of being born into fame, he said: “There are many privileges to being born into fame. For example, my father was famous and all that has been great, I am able to leverage from his success. Let’s say I need to do something – there are contacts that he may have made that I can use, so it is easier for me to connect with people because they know him,” he said

Robbie Malinga Jr

However, there are disadvantages too. For Malinga Jr, one of the biggest is getting excessive attention from the public eye.

“Even when it is not needed, there is always someone looking at you and your life. You become very recognisable, so you don’t have a lot of time when you can just have downtime,” he explained. Because he has a famous producer father, Malinga, Jr is often labelled a “nepotism baby” or” nepo baby”.

Robbie Malinga Jr

“I get where they are coming from because that is how they see it, that is how it seems, but on the other side, it is a blessing that I did not choose for myself. God blessed me with this. But I still have to show up and do my own thing. I still put in the work – you can’t hide behind your parents’ success,” he said.

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