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How Prince Kaybee And Zola Mhlongo Met?

Prince Kaybee and Zola “Zeelovin” Ayabulela Mhlongo are one of the latest media personalities that have come out publicly with their relationship. First through suggestive tweets, then through social media interactions and eventually they served us what we have been waiting for; an insider’s look into their relationship.

Prince Kaybee and Zola
Prince Kaybee and Zola

The first time we started seeing that the two personalities have something going on was through Instagram. Back in 2019, the then secretive couple used to post corresponding images on their social media, pretending like they were not at the same place by taking the mages at different vantage points of either Prince Kaybee’s home in Bloemfontein, or wherever he and Zola would be together. But the most telling was when Zola posted an image wearing the exclusive, “Crossover” EP, by the producer when no else but her and Prince Kaybee had the t-shirt.Zola2

Following the telling image, following both personalities on social media, it was easy to see that something was going. Most of their posts became a situation of reading two sides of the same coin. However, it will only be this year that the couple finally came out publicly as a couple. This was after Prince Kaybee’s birthday lockdown birthday, which revealed the two doing a “couple’s dance” in Prince Kaybee’s home.prince kaybeee

At the time, Prince Kaybee had already moved to Durban to be closer to Zola, who at the time was one of the radio personalities that was part of the popular KwaZulu-Natal based radio station, Gagasi FM. Coincidentally, the Gagasi FM studios is the same place that the couple would first meet. But at the time, Zola was still in a relationship with another man that was not Kabelo “Prince Kaybee” Motsamai.

This past week, the couple was the first guest on the new season of South African popular YouTube series, “Defining Love.” The show is centred on interviewing a couple that is defining love. And Prince Kaybee and Zola were the perfect guests to start the new season because as much as they have teased on social media, the show provided the first glimpse at the relationship dynamic.

Each one in the relationship seems to have made some sacrifice to be with the other. Like Prince Kaybee’s move to Durban to be closer to Zola. On Zola has left her radio job, started her own business that she can work on remotely, and has started getting involved behind-the-scenes of her man’s business to be side-by-side.

Watch the full interview below:


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