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Primo Baloyi Says He Did Not Slap Uncle Vinny

Primo “Primo9teen” Baloyi is one of the most popular TikTok content creators locally. Moreover, despite the success he has managed to accrue for himself, he is also known as the son of legendary soccer player Lucas Radebe.

For the most part, the personality has not made headlines which is not surprising considering that his influence stems from social media. However, as Uncle Vinny has trended again for all the wrong reasons, Primo found his name attached to the ongoing viral video surrounding Uncle Vinny.

Primo Baloyi

Primo Baloyi denies slapping Uncle Vinny

In the early hours of Monday, 24 April 2023, there was a video that was circulated featuring Uncle Vinny in a brawl, or more like a slap down, circulating on the internet. As reported:

It is unclear when it happened but it seems that on Sunday, 23 April 2023, Uncle Vinny was having fun with his entourage at the popular nightspot Zanzou. The reason for the commotion is unclear from the snippet of the video shared.

Primo Baloyi

But what is clear is that someone in the VIP section was calling to have Uncle Vinny kicked out of the section. A matter which had him incensed. As such, he hurled an insult at the man in question. In response, the man in question was seen slapping Uncle Vinny like a child.

The two were then separated as Uncle Vinny attempted to respond with his own slap. However, there is more footage that captures Uncle Vinny chasing after the mystery man in an attempt to pay back the slap.

Uncle Vinny1

In light of the other man in the video being unknown, it seems that social media drew their own conclusions as to who was slapping Uncle Vinny. Unfortunately, for the most part, it was assumed that the man in question is none other than Primo.

However, as Primo started to trend, he took to his Instagram stories to address the matter. Firstly, looking at his stories of the night, Primo was in Johannesburg and not Pretoria where the incident took place. As such, he made it clear that not only was it, not him slapping Uncle Vinny, but that he and Uncle Vinny were friends.

But seeing as he is a content creator with a love for the comical, Primo entertained trending via his social media stories as he shared seeing his name trend and the tweets which wanted him to share his sequence of events which could have led to him slapping Uncle Vinny if the man in the video was him.

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