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The River actor Presley Chweneyagae is in serious Trouble

Presley Chweneyagae has been called out for being a deadbeat father to his 16-year-old son. The Tsotsi actor was mentioned on the No Excuses, Pay Papgeld show, as the babymama narrated how he’s failed to support the son since he was born.

We met in 2005 and I got pregnant. I found out I was pregnant when he had gone to the US for the Oscars. When he came back I told him I was pregnant. He even asked my uncles to alert his family that I was pregnant but his mother denied the child,” the mother, Alletta Somfula revealed.

Somfula said Presley requested DNA which was done, but it still didn’t move him to cater for his son who is now in Grade 10.

Presley Chweneyagae

“I hate him with a passion. I am a father and mother to his child. He is 16-years and the pressure from peers is overwhelming. I thought when Presley asked for a DNA, he was going to change but he is still the same. What irritates me the most is the fact that he is taking care of his other two kids. I don’t want anything from him except for him to take responsibility for his son.”

The actor who was involved in the R15 million lotto scandal has been dragged to court for being a deadbeat dad.

“I have five court orders against him but he is not playing his part. I am not a bitter babymama but I want what is best for my child,” she said.

“All he knows is to ask my parents for my child to visit him, when I am not around, and not buy him anything,” she said.

“The audacity of that man. I don’t care if people judge me but I am fighting for my son. We are not on speaking terms and I am fine with it but people must know what their favourite is doing behind the scenes.

Source: News365

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