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Pearl Thusi wears AKA’s t-shirt



Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi rocked, wearing a t-shirt with AKA’s face as she remembered him. It’s been almost a year since the death of the famous rapper, but the wounds are still fresh to those close to him. This is the same with Pearl Thusi, who had been close friends with AKA for a long time. In memory of the talented Jika hitmaker, Pearl Thusi made t-shirts with his face, and they impressed fans.

Pearl Thusi

It was indeed a scene that left many AKA fans remembering how good he was. Pearl went on to [ose with an AKA style, leaving many fans praising her. Sharing on her Instagram, Pearl Thusii expressed how she missed AKA. She also explained what the letters on the t-shirt meant, and they were relevant.

“Ⓜ️ is for SUPA MEGA! Ⓜ️EGACY Ⓜ️ASTERPIECE .I hope you resting easy, Kiernan. Ⓜ️iss you. During his days, AKA was a man who loved fashion, with t-shirts and shirts being his favourites.

Pearl Thusi

He had his famous t-shirt with his big face in front on the chest, and that was what Pearl replicated. Indeed, it’s still tough for Pearl Thusi to forget about AKA, and his mother, Lynn, is feeling even more pain. Regarding the festive season, Lynn admitted that she has yet to heal and would boycott most joyous events.

Source: News365


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