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Pearl Thusi opens up on her friendship with DJ Zinhle

Pearl Thusi opens up on her friendship with DJ Zinhle following rumors of their break up. Years ago, the two women were known to be best of friends as they consistently served friendship goals. However, the two have been distant from each other with new friends like Moozlie taking over as the DJ’s best friend.

It was presumed that the DJ and actress have bad blood between them, but the two have tried clearing the air. In a recent interview on DJ Fresh’s podcast, Pearl Thusi claimed she and Zinhle are sisters; they had ugly moments, but it didn’t mar their friendship.

 DJ Zinhle

“Zinhle and I have always been friends, I consider Zinhle to be a sister, to be honest. and I have three sisters, and there are many times when I’ve had a sister where we don’t speak for a year half, or a long time, just to give each other peace cause we can’t seem to find some sort of equilibrium. With Zinhle, we did have a moment but it wasn’t a moment of we’re not friends anymore, hate each other, disgusting, I’ll never speak with you again, we’ve broken up type thing. We’re adult, we’re growing, we’re evolving, so, sometimes we’re gonna have moments we’re not agreeing on things,” she said.

 DJ Zinhle

Speaking on the distance between them, the veteran actress said, “However, I must say that Zinhle and I, our lives have evolved over time. There was a time you’ll obviously see us together because we were living together. Then she moved out, now she’s married, she has another child, she’s been through so much she’s building an empire. Here I am making sure that the empire is growing in the little way I can as well” I think there’s a microscopic energy towards us,” she added

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Murdah Bongz

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