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Pearl Thusi in serious trouble at the airport for her bad habit

South African actress Pearl Thusi said she was punished at the airport for her ‘bad‘ habit. Even though they were joking, Pearl Thusi found it wanting that she was known for such habits.  The talented actress was on her way to Zimbabwe to enjoy herself at Victoria Falls when it all happened. It seemed that Pearl is not a lady who is always on time when catching flights.

Pearl Thusi

On top of being late, it seemed that she usually gets to the airport in a bad mood and not entertaining any jokes.
Surprisingly, she was at the airport in time and in a good mood that the lady at the till could make some jokes with her. She said she was finally early for a flight and in a good mood.

Pearl Thusi

Pearl took it to her Instagram to share with her fans as she left the country for Victoria Falls, saying. This lady punished me! She said she is so happy to see @pearlthusi is finally early and in a good mood at the airport.  The famous actress arrived at the airport wearing her black jacket that almost covered her face.

In the video, one could see that Pearl was in high spirits as she started a conversation with the teller. When Pearl is at the airport, she is in a hurry to attend shoots outside the country.  She is a busy lady that doesn’t have a second to waste when her schedule becomes tight.

Pearl Thusi

This must be the mood that most airport tellers get to see Pearl Thusi in, not that she has a bad habit. Having some time off enjoying the waters in Victoria Falls was probably thrilling for her.

Source: News365

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Cyan Boujee

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