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Nonku Williams opens up about why she left her relationship



Nonku Williams

Nonku Williams has opened up about why she left her relationship with former convict and businessman Dumisani “Rough Diamond” Ndlazi.

Nonku started her low-cost housing construction business in 2006 and called it Section 24. She drove around schools in rural areas doing supply and delivery services and made her first R10 000 back then. In 2020 she started her logistics business which has since closed down due to the Covid-19. Nonku and Dumisani dated for a few months before he bought her a car and asked for her hand in marriage.

Within a few weeks, he also bought her mom a car and their children met and became close like siblings. But in no time, Nonku was crying saying how her fairytale ended and that she was not ready to talk. Nonku now has spilled the beans on why she ended things with Dumisani. “That man scammed me! He stole material from the site worth R300 000.” She also introduced him to her suppliers and let down her guard. “I was in love. I mixed my business with pleasure, and I regret it but I also learned my lesson. I am here and I have moved on.”

Dumisani still insists that he never scammed Nonku. “Are we still there? I have moved on from the relationship and she needs to do the same. I still maintain my innocence. I never scammed Nonku and she knows,” Dumisani tells ZiMoja. “There is no case that was opened. I have never even taken money from her. I gave her money, I paid for everything and I supported her business.” Dumisani maintains that he loved Nonku. “We were in love. We did things that people who are in love do.” Dumisani says that when Nonku had defaulted on payments with her employees, he came in. “I did what any man in love would do.”

Nonku recently told ZiMoja that she has moved on form the heartbreak and she is ready to date again. “I am ready,but If I date again but I learned my lesson, to keep things more private. I know, I will fall in love again. Love is a beautiful thing. After that breakup, I told myself that nothing would ever break me. People judged me and I learned my lesson,” she said. “I won’t let what happened to me take away my happiness. Yes, it was a horrible public humiliation, but I have moved on. I have healed and putting myself first and that is what I plan to do in my next relationship.

Source: The southafrican

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