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Nampree Is Not Planning on Paying DJ Fresh And Euphonik



DJ Fresh And Euphonik

It has been three years and counting since the scandal surrounding Thato “DJ Fresh” Sikwane, Themba “Euphonik” Nkosi, and the rape accuser Sphelele “Nampree” Madikizela. This is as Nampree initially accused the two DJs and broadcasters of having allegedly date-raped her. However, not being sure of what exactly happened besides waking up and realizing that she was violated in the presence of the two.

However, this last week it seemed that DJ Fresh and Euphonik had won the case as it was initially suggested that the court case was thrown out. However, this was not true as it was subsequently reported

… From yesterday’s court hearing, DJ Fresh subsequently took to social media to discredit Nampree by suggesting claims that the judge ruled in their favor (DJ Fresh and DJ Euphonik) and Nampree was liable to pay both their legal costs.

 DJ Fresh And Euphonik

In her defense, Nampree has also taken to social media to provide her followers and tweeps at large with the outcome of the court hearing. Nampree proceeds to initially lambasts DJ Fresh for spreading lies about yesterday’s court verdict which clearly maintains that her rights were fully and completely violated.

“A bully who has blocked me, tagging me in a tweet that he knows I can’t respond to. Spreading lies about a court verdict that clearly admits that my rights have been violated. Thank you @Wise4Afrika for your constant support. DJ Fresh, keep my name outta your mouth,” wrote Nampree.

DJ Fresh

Seeing as there was still confusion as to whether or not Nampree was liable for paying the legal fees of both DJ Fresh and Euphonik, Nampree returned to social media to set the record straight yet again.

Nampree not planning on paying DJ Fresh and Euphonik

Taking to Twitter recently, Nampree shared more details as to how she got to “lose” the case between DJ Fresh, Euphonik, and herself by sharing a detailed thread that first explained that:

“This man (Euphonik presumably) called me a liar, extortionist, and scammer. As if that was not enough, leaked my number in a fake WhatsApp message, making people believe that I apologized for accusing him of rape. He and his friend further published fake statements saying NPA said my case is without merit.”

Nampree then explains how she was then made liable to pay the legal fees of both DJ Fresh and Euphonik, which she plans to contest by sharing that:

“He says in his answering statement that because I gave the police my ID he doesn’t understand how it’s a violation to leak my number in a fake WhatsApp message. The Judge says because I could’ve gotten a protection order (lmao) instead of an interdict I must pay their legal fees lol.”

That is the justice system we have in this country. It allows violent men to get away with harming women because of technicalities. I’m not going to accept that bullshit. I will never get tired of fighting these bullies. And even when I’m tired, I will continue because it’s not just for me!”

As such, Nampree has earned the support of women and other rape victims and victors of the trauma who did not have the legal or financial backing that Nampree has to continue to fight the matter legally.


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