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Mzansi Divided Over Musa Keys Age

Musa Keys celebrated his birthday on Sunday, 30th of July, 2023. The Amapiano star has done well for himself over the years and bagged collaborations with artists from other countries. On Sunday, he was celebrated by friends and fans; in turn, he dropped an appreciation post for the love showered on him.

Musa Keys


However, some people are bothered by his real age as there are reports dishing out different ages. A majority report claims Musa was born in 2000, hence he turned 23 years old on Sunday.

The age shocked lots of social media users as they claim he look older than 23.

Meanwhile, another blog post says he is 33 years old. It says the Amapiano star was born in 1990 and he was 32 as of 2022.

Musa Keys

At this junction, we will probably have to wait till the musician announces his real age, or what do you think – Are you team 23 or team 33?

Source – Fakazanews

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Prince Kaybee

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