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Moozlie Confirms Split From Sbuda Roc

Nomuzi “Moozlie” Mabena confirms split from her long-term boyfriend, Sbuda Roc. The news of their break up came as a surprise to their fans as the two were together for 8 years. During an interview with Zingah on Choppin It With Buddha T’s podcast, the rapper says she is single but seeing someone.


“I’m a bad bi**h… That’s all you need to know. I’m actually single. But I’m seeing someone. He is nice, I like him. There is a relationship and there’s seeing someone. I was in a relationship for a very long time. I was in an eight-year relationship,” she said.

Speaking of why she let go of the relationship, Mooz said, “Cause I’m bad like a Barbie. Life happens and that’s okay. I will always love my dude, we did amazing things. It was great. Iconic. We went crazy, But I’m a bad bi**h.


“Between you and me I’m not really an on my own kind of person. On my own, I’m going to go crazy. The thing is I’ve been a bad bi**h like I will have a boyfriend and still serve you a**, sexy, and twerks.”

Watch the full interview below:

Source – Fakazanews

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Lebohang Morake, famously called Lebo M reveals the reason for ending his marriage with Pretty Samuels. The musician claims he perceives malicious acts from her, hence he’s divorcing her. Initially, Morake wasn’t willing to open up about the divorce, but he shed more light on it after Samuels slammed the divorce report, claiming they are still happily married.

Lebo M And Pretty Samuels

The Citizen said, “The composer stated that during his Europe tour from April to June this year, Pretty had his electronic signature as he had given her proxy to sign documents on his behalf. When he returned, he asked her to delete the signature from her PC and sign an affidavit stating that she had deleted it, but she was not willing, which caused the altercation between them.” Read more

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Mpho Popps

I’ll never box myself as saying ‘I’m just a stand-up comedian’.” He says all that he is currently experiencing are dreams come true. Read more

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