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Moonchild Sanelly Says She Is Not Joining OnlyFans

It seems that every other week, singer-songwriter Moonchild Sanelly manages to get involved in a back-and-forth with social media users on Twitter. Just two weeks ago, the singer was on the timeline going at with tweeps.

This was after going at it with Twitter personality Mr. Smeg just a couple of weeks before. As reported then:

Moonchild Sanelly

[Mr. Smeg’s] recent tweets have shifted from asking for lunches to berating women. This is as he came for women with tattoos, a high body count, and those who smoke and go partying. His recent tweets have been misogynistic, to say the least.

As such, it seems that Moonchild has had enough as Mr. Smeg tweeted recently about his beliefs that the local entertainment industry perpetuated and promotes female “promiscuity and prostitution,” Moonchild was not having it as she retorted that Mr. Smeg is not different from the women in the entertainment industry that he is berating.

This time, it seems that Moonchild is having to address why she will not start an OnlyFans account given how liberated she is with sharing her body…

Why Moonchild is not joining OnlyFans

Moonchild Sanelly

Moonchild Sanelly is one of the most outspoken and sexually liberated artists in the country. A fact that she has proven time and time again. Like the time when she shared how she dated and fell in love, only for the relationship to end less than three days after the fact.

Recently, she took to Twitter and shared a snippet of a song that she is working on. In the video in question, she is seen twerking in the back seat of a car. As such, it did not take long for the comments section to be filled with derogatory remarks directed at her.

From a tweep that suggested that she should be focusing on making “better” music. The tweep suggests that Moonchild would then not need to revert to twerking to generate conversation.

There were also tweeps in the comments that asked whether she has an OnlyFans account. Moreover, there were some that suggested that maybe she should start one because of the content that she continually shares on social media.

Moonchild Sanelly

But Moonchild made it clear that she has no intentions to start the account. Firstly, because she is already making money through her musical career. Moreover, she asserted that she would not dream of doing OnlyFans as it would only feed the same men that lambaste her on social media…


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